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Women’s gold watch with mother of pearl/yellow dial

Women’s 18 kt gold watch with 18 kt gold strap.

Mother of pearl/yellow dial, mineral glass, 751 “swiss made” movement, case “style 7000”, ladder lock

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Huranus watches have a beautifully classic design in both Ladies and Gent versions.
They are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.
Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards.
They are made and inspected in an in-house laboratory with advanced equipment.

  • Country of origin: Made in Italy
  • Warranty: One year
  • Collection: Huranus
  • Genere: Woman
  • Weight (g) : 28.50
  • Case shape: Line 7000
  • Case material: Nacre /Yellow
  • Christal: Mineral
  • Dial color: Yellow
  • Movement: 751 Ronda Swiss made
  • Strap details: 18 KT gold
  • Strap color: Yellow
  • Type of lock: 18 KT ladder lock